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Self portrait of Adam Morton

Adam Morton

Hello - I’m Adam, an American photographer living in France. My love for art, music, and travel influences my work and adds a unique perspective to my approach to photography. When I am not behind the lens, I am tying to learn something new, playing guitar, riding my bicycle, or spending time with my daughter.

My style is bold, graphic, and above all - honest. Although “authenticity” has become a bit of a cliché buzzword, I strive the capture the essence of my subjects in a way that is undeniably true. But don’t take my word for it - have a look at my reviews on Google. :)

In a world where artificial intelligence and digital imagery can make anything possible with minimal effort or human creativity, I am particularly drawn to the more traditional methods of analog photography. There are many other reasons I favor analog photography (particularly for black and white) - discover them with me in an Analog Session!

Google Reviews
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